Formed in early 2016,  SEED Ensemble is a ten-piece band led by alto saxophonist and composer Cassie Kinoshi.

The project presents a stellar line-up featuring some of London’s most up-and-coming young jazz musicians including tuba player Theon Cross and tenor saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael. Combining jazz with inner-city London, West African and Caribbean influenced groove, SEED explores a blend of genres through both original compositions and arrangements.

“This is what a jazz band should look like in 2016.” - Jez Nelson, Jazz in the Round 2016

" A most fantastic and colourful approach to this piece. So very well done and I'm extremely  proud of you all. Big thanks "  - Greg Osby

" The richness of the band’s melody, harmony and solo is something we can attest to and that got the crowd going. Band members cut across race and gender; and original compositions are inspired by the social issues of our times. So a night of music by the people for the people about the people? We like " -

From February 2017 until June this year, SEED Ensemble hosted a bi-monthly residency at Foyles Bookshop (Charing Cross) presenting performances of original music combined with artistic contributions from visual artists, vocalists and spoken word artists. 

Driftglass seeks to expand upon this residency with an event partially funded by both Sound and Music's "Composer - Curator" scheme  and Jazz Re:freshed in August and September this year. 

Taking it's name from one of sci-fi author Samuel Delaney's short stories, Driftglass is a two-date collaborative concert series that features some of the most exciting young performers on the scene in London and is set to be an explosive evening of contemporary large ensemble music. 

The event draws together a creative family formed of London’s next generation of artists featuring a combination of dance, spoken-word and live music that takes inspiration from sci-fi, afro-futurism and the politics of the world we live in today.


Friday 18th August 2017, Total Refreshment Centre, Dalston, LONDON

Friday 15th September 2017, Total Refreshment Centre, Dalston, LONDON